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Patient Testimonials

I am very satisfied with the service and the employees at Advanced Instruments. The test and follow up service was excellent.
- Rhonda Osias

In working with Ron at Advanced Instruments, he is honest, considerate, very informative and I felt like I was his only client.
- Jean Colomy

During my fitting appointments at Advanced Instruments, Ron explained everything very well.
- Harold Bray

My experience working with Ron at Advanced Instruments: Ron was patience, understanding, very calm environment, and he never said can’t try this out, like some dentists do, just to see if it helps better. Also, they offer flexible appointments and they do a great job.
- Susan Vincent

I received excellent attention and diagnosis of my hearing loss. Ron uses precise technology and also offers a visual display of your hearing levels. Despite having been told years ago that my type of hearing loss wouldn't be helped by a hearing aid, Ron disproved this when he fitted me with a light weight, comfortable hearing aid. I can now hear the TV from both ears and respond properly to my students' and friends' questions and conversations. Ron also provides free follow-up. I would definitely recommend Ron and his wonderful receptionist Cathy for any hearing issues.
- Elizabeth Gabel

I previously lived in New Mexico, when I needed new hearing aids or just visits I was treated well, but just another customer – here, in this office, there is more of a friendly welcome – I appreciate your friendliness and time you spend with me during my appointments. Your knowledge and care is a comfort to those who need hearing help – thank you.
- Doris Bouty, RN

I left my aids on the coffee table and my dog started biting them, Ron with some expert work got them back to working order and still working to this day. I lost one on the golf course and Ron was able to get me a reasonable substitute. Have had good service every time I’ve had a problem.
- Ray Marshall

I am so pleased with the Resound Linx 9 hearing aids Ron fitted me with. At first I was reluctant to spend the money involved in purchasing the "top of the line" hearing aids; but after using them for 3 weeks, I feel it was perhaps the best money I've ever spent. They are amazing devices - they truly have changed my ability to hear in a material and substantial way Ron did a great job fitting them for me; they are as unobtrusive as one could hope for; many people don't seem to be aware I have them until I tell them I do. All in all they are a great device and I am so pleased to have them. I would highly recommend them to anyone considering purchasing a hearing aid; and I would highly recommend Ron as your Hearing Healthcare Provider.
- Steve Tannehill

Purchased my 2nd pair of hearing aids from Advanced Instruments Hearing Aid Services recently. My other Hearing aids developed a problem that would have meant that they would have to be repaired at the factory. Ron Jenkins (Specialist) and I discussed what it would take to fix the problems and the possibility of upgrading my hearing aids. New technologies and advancements have made them more efficient and easier to use. I chose ReSound Hearing Aids. Smaller and much more comfortable to wear. I am able to wear them all day with NO discomfort! I am very pleased with the little beauties and would recommend Advanced Instruments to anyone. Ron Jenkins is a professional and was able to assist me in my choice. He and his staff answered all of my questions to my satisfaction. I was able to recommend them before and will be happy to recommend them again.
- Sam Treese

They are knowledgeable, thorough and friendly to boot! They matched the hearing aids not only to my hearing loss...but also to who I am as a person. They answered my questions in a timely matter...and they work very well with my lifestyle. Not only would I recommend them, I will definitely return!
- Veronica Carmey

My mother, 84, was having problems with understanding the TV and was constantly asking us to repeat what we said. After searching in the yellow pages and checking their website, I called Advanced Instruments and was pleasantly surprised by the friendly and helpful receptionist that answered all my questions. I made an appointment for the next day. We met the specialist, Ron Jenkins, who took the time to get to know my mom and understand her needs. After the evaluation, he explained what was happening to her hearing in a way that both of us could understand. He showed us a number of models and recommended a certain one. He also explained their return policy. By the end, both of us felt comfortable that we had come to the right place. We felt like he was treating mom like she was part of his family. We were ready for the sticker shock, but were surprised at how reasonable it was compared to the stories both of us had heard of friends paying much more. He said that all the service appointments would be covered for the life of the hearing aids. Mom also liked that it was comfortable and invisible on her ear. It has been a month since she started and she is so happy about her new ability to hear (and we are too)! They have followed through with everything they said they would. I would recommend this office to anyone.
- Roberta Hunter

In working with Advanced Instruments, Ron & Cathy have provided excellent care and are focused on me getting the best results.  My wife and I recommend them to all our friends without reservation.
- Manuel Lopes

 After I came to Advanced Instruments I felt very much alive, since I could hear again with your help and the staff.  I am very thankful for all the help they gave me.  And for the new technology that they introduced me to for better hearing. 
- Amelita Trojan

Very professional and courtesy staff and friendly service.
- Thomas Whiting

The service was good, everything was explained where I could understand.  Demonstration of cleaning and use was good.  Proper adjustments were made so I was able to hear on cell phone.  I would highly recommend Advanced Instruments to others.
- Lillie Bracy

I appreciate the day before reminder before my appointments with Advanced Instruments. They know me and call me by name. It is very easy to be here. All problems are addressed and instructions are given if they reoccur – would not want more.
- Wendy Bruce